Measuring User Experience

Online Survey Tools

by Tom Tullis
Originally posted on February 15, 2009
Last updated September 23, 2017

Online surveys are a great way to learn from users. A wide variety of tools are available for creating, administering, and analyzing online surveys. What you can do with these tools is mainly limited by your creativity and ingenuity. Online surveys can be useful in just about any phase of the development of a new product. Early on, they can be used to get input from target users about desired features and functions, or what they find confusing about an existing application. During iterative design and prototyping, online surveys can be used to get quick feedback about design alternatives. And once an application or website is deployed, you can provide a link to an online survey for feedback.

The following are some of the online survey tools that I'm familiar with. The list is certainly not exhaustive. Try searches for "online survey tools" or "online questionnaire tools" for more. In general, these tools support standard kinds of questions (e.g., open-ended, multiple-choice) and standard interaction techniques (e.g., radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists). They may differ in terms of more advanced features (e.g., randomization of questions or responses, skip logic, data export).

If you're interested specifically in questionnaires for evaluating usability, check out Gary Perlman's article on Web-Based User Interface Evaluation with Questionnaires.

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