Measuring the User Experience

Card-sorting Tools

by Tom Tullis
Last updated Nov. 20, 2019

Beyond the Usability Lab

Card-sorting is a great way to learn how users, or prospective users, of a website perceive the logical relationships among the various elements of the site. The following are some of the tools that can help you do card-sorting studies.

Optimal Sort logo


A web-based service. One of several UX-related tools developed by Optimal Usability, a consulting company in New Zealand. Includes a variety of analysis features. Free version allows for up to 10 participants per project, 30 cards per project, and 3 projects.

Proven By Users Logo

Proven by Users

A web-based service. Supports open, closed, and hybrid card-sorts. Supports sub-groups, random sampling of cards, card duplication, save & return, pre & post surveys, and password protection.

User Zoom logo


A web-based service. One of several UX-related tools provided by UserZoom. Supports up to 100 items to sort and up to 12 categories. Supports both open and closed card-sorts. Analysis tools include an interactive dendogram.



Runs on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions of Mozilla. Provides basic browsing of the data. All data is saved in XML files. Open Source.



A Macintosh application. Developed by EnoughPepper, a company in Lisbon, Portugal. Provides a variety of reports and analysis tools, including hierarchical cluster analysis. Free.


UsabiliTest logo

UsabiliTest Card-Sorting

A web-based service. Provides online data analysis and visualization features, including hierarchical cluster analysis. Provides a free 3-day trial, or unlimited-use paid subscriptions for one month or one year.